Friday, June 25, 2010

The new Blogger Template Designer

The new Template Designer created by blogger is a new, easy-to-use, and have a lot of features to use to fine-tune your blog to match your needs. Despite some minor errors, it's a step ahead to a better looking result.

You can choose from a wide array of templates, and i guess there will be more in time, as it's rumored that Google opens the door for an open source templates created by designers.
A full color pattern to use in every font in the blog, background and gadgets colors is also customizable.

And for the first time, in some templates you can pick one of many background images, a full resolution and for every blog content.

Although it is a nice interactive tool and very powerful also, it lacks of some points that i think it needs revision from blogger.

The first disadvantage would be the absence of aligning for gadgets, for example the title, description, and the image you can replace with them. It can be fixed from the HTML editor, but the new tool is forwarded to beginners who need to find all of this in one location, and maybe don't have the knowledge of editing the scripts. I'm preparing now a large article about this tweaks inside the HTML editor.

My second concern is advertising. Some of the new templates is not quite adsense friendly, and they miss some serious tunes to make the adv. object blended in your blog quite right, you can notice this problem in templates that offer transparent gadgets background. Inserting an adsense adv. in those gadgets will make them floating like there's something in the main design.

Adsense also miss the alignment feature as i said above, especially the one placed right below the header, it always tend to be on the left, and when you increase the width of the page, it will be nasty and looks strange, and way far from the "blended" rule. You can find a good article to align adsense objects here.

It will be a nice add also, if you could add your own background image, but i guess it will be available over time.

Overall the new tool is great, and a real step up to bring some life to blogspot, maybe it need time to be perfect.

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