Saturday, July 3, 2010

Slow Internet Explorer 8 Fix

Is your Internet Explorer 8 lags and opens very slowly in your XP, especially when you open a new tab ?. Although I prefer using another browsers like Firefox or the new and very reliable 'Chrome', i use IE from time to time along with them, when i need rapid shifting between accounts, so i see that some of us just can't ignore IE.
There are a few tweaks you can simply do to restore it's flexibility.

Re-registering core library files in XP

There are few dll files called the core libraries files, sometimes and under various circumstances, they were not registered properly, this may cause l huge lack in performance in IE8, or even prevent it to be opened. To fix this you need to re-register some of these files using a simple tool called Regsvr32, we will do this only on one file which is actxprxy.dll, there are other core files related to IE like Mshtml.dll and Urlmon.dll, but re-registering them won't be necessary, only in disastrous conditions like if IE is crashing or not starting at all, other than that i recommend that you leave'em whiteout any modification.

1. Click Start, then click Run from the menu.

2. In the dialog appeared, type cmd and press Enter, A black window will appear, that's the command prompt window.

3. Now type this command line in it as it is: regsvr32 actxprxy.dll and press enter, a dialog will show to inform you that the process has been completed.

4. Restart your PC.

Now, this should gain back the performance of your IE8 a little, and fixes some issues gone wrong with it's use over time.

Disabling add-ons and plug-ins

Most add-ons, even the official ones, hold back the performance dramatically, allot of unnecessary add-ons will even cause it to hang while opening. And IE isn't quite addons-friendly browser, it just don't like them.

JAVA add-on is the one to vanish (if you can live without it, and i do), along with most of the adds which been added automatically while installing specific programs, like Adobe plug-in, Skype add-on, etc... disabling them will make IE run smoother and faster, here is how to do it:

Open IE normally and click on "Tools" --> "Internet Options", now select "Programs" tab, on the bottom click on "Manage Add-ons", a new window will appear containing add-ons types and other aspects for each one, now simply right click any unused or rarely-used extension and disable it. But remember to leave any anti-virus or internet security application's add-ons as they are, because they secure the most common gate of any kind of web threats from sneaking into your system. Other than that, it's up to you choosing what's your next move depending on your own customizations.

Updating IE

Always try to update your IE whenever it tells you to, new "fixes" and "patches" often overcome and solve some core problems, go to Microsoft update website at and follow the steps to complete any update, vista and win7 are easier to complete this task.

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